Unique transformation


Single Twist Lines provide the best solution in smooth and exclusive manufacturing. Delicate signal, data transmission, LAN and fiber optic cable twisting are realized by this unique machine as well as cabling of insulated conductors.

Precision of the production guaranteed by long lasting strong monoblock body structure and ensured by stress relief heat treatment.

With advanced electrically synchronized automation system, machine runs without the need of an external capstan unit to eliminate the additional investment and maintenance costs alongside increasing the production speeds especially for armoring and screening operations.

Safety measures such as safety cabinet, electrically and mechanically secured pintle mechanism are prioritized for any step of the operation.

Laser controlled pay off traverse system and absolute encoder controlled take up traverse system ensures the precise unwinding and spooling quality.

Single Twist Machines are multi-functional and flexible in production where the pay-off and take-up can be operated separately as different lines by acting as two individuals take up machines. Single Twist Line will allow manufacturers privileged in their production process.


BOSS 800

BOSS 1000

BOSS 1250

BOSS 1600 

Reel Range

Max Ø 800 mm

Min Ø 630 mm

Max Ø 1000 mm

Min Ø 800 mm

Max Ø 1250 mm

Min Ø 1000 mm

Max Ø 1600 mm

Min Ø 1250 mm

Max. Rotation Speed

800 rpm

600 rpm

550 rpm

250 rpm

Max. Line Speed

250 m/min

200 m/min

160 m/min

100 m/min

Max. Liad-Up Diameter

16 mm

20 mm

25 mm

35 mm

Twisting Driection

S or Z

S or Z

S or Z

S or Z